Meet me at the Here & Now

Here/Now is a object that unites my tribe. It serves as a guide on both the spiritual and physical plane. Most importantly it helps all of us not get lost when having fun.
How did I make it visible?
To start, I wanted to create a light that was different than all the visual stimuli that I experienced. Instead of many small lights, I decided on creating a singular light with soft diffused quality. The orb came in the form of a pre-fab lamp cover. From here the entire project began to take form.
Is it easy to use?
Carrying the totem can be a burden without a place to set it down. A tripod allowed for resting points between movements. This way nobody missed out on dancing and moving as much as they wanted to.
Why is it meaningful to me?
I naturally live in my head and have a tendency to over think things! My life has changed after being exposed to mindful practices and philosophies. A lesson I learned at the festival was how powerful being present can be. I wanted to create a reminder for myself to stay in the here and now.
Tribe Patch
I put the love and energy that #CampCLW gave me into the totem. I wanted to commemorate this moment by creating a embroidered patch. All members of the tribe received one. Some chose to fix it to their belongings right away and others fashioned a necklace out of it. Limited edition of 50.
Lessons learned & future plans
- It is important to plan electronics ahead of time so that they can be designed neatly.
- Tripods work very well. Be careful of leaving them unattended if the design is top heavy.
- A little light goes a long way in a dark environment.
- Dimmable light needs to be added to version 2.
Special Thanks to
The love and support from the people of #CampCLW

The photos from Angela Kay, Barbara Ly, Brian Nguyen, Charles Huynh, Caitlin CJ Miller, Juliana Bernstein, Kyle Dineen, Ray Ricafort, and Tinya Peng

Sorry if I missed you! Get in touch for any updates I need to make